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  With the same dream and the same desire, we have come together from every part of the country and from many different areas. Facing innumerable strange faces, I realized that I’ve been a college student, a student who just started in society and a big child who should have known how to take care of himself.

  The first two days

  The college had us do our military training for the first two weeks. In fact, I have done military training several times; each time leaves a wonderful memory. Although we just have had two days of the military training till now, it is a time to be real.

  It was raining for two days. Sometimes I even felt proud when the rain ran down my cheeks. Maybe it was a sense of achievement that growth has given to me. Because we were wet all over, our company commander let us sing Sailor, a song sung several hundred times before. However, given the special situation, the song seems so good for it and makes us think. Yes, the song delivers a kind of spirit, a state of mind, a kind of courage unafraid of work or getting work. The company commander teaches us again and again. Do they only teach us these simple acts? No! They are teaching us a way of being a man and an attitude of doing things. That’s what we lack. We should seize the uncommon chance and forge ourselves to be a useful man, a firm and persistent man!

  The sunshine always comes after the storm and is waiting for us. We are expecting sunshine as well. The sun will shine again after rain.

  Be browned, but healthier

  “We have to get up at around 5 o’clock, suffering from not enough sleep. The training is so intense, which gave me a bad appetite. But then, I’m much healthier. You can see from my face…” A younger school sister said with a forced smile. Yeah, her face is browned by the sun, and seems thinner than before. The ten days training is really practical. Though it is the last day of the military training, you cannot see any tiredness from the smiling faces in the training field; they seem ready and happy…”

  Drill, just this word

  In the burning sun, we repeated the simple and boring “At ease” and “Attention”; in the cool rain of morning, we practiced March, Double time march and shouted loud an治疗癫痫吃什么中药d clear slogans; in the blowing sand, we drilled each motion of corps fist time after time… The ten days military training could be described as suffering. Besides, none of our drillmasters still has a good voice now. It’s really uncomfortable to be trained in the Assembly ground, the flaming sun shining on the ground and you couldn’t see any shady or a cool place. Moreover, the purpose of military training is to not only be trained like a soldier, but also to learn to be patient, insistent, share happiness and pain and change to any environment. A freshman said, “What’s military training? Drill, just this word!”

  Drillmasters also crazy

  Encouraged by the drillmasters, the students have become crazy to “Sing a song, sing a song!” Thereupon, Qinghai-Ti Platean (Qingzang Gaoyuan) flew over here, Beautiful Grassland won a burst of applause there. “Zhou Jielun” has just been finished, “Cousin Lin” was heard… All kinds of flavor, both classical and popular at the same time. The ground was full of songs and laughter. As one stops, another starts. It’s really lovely and busy! The drillmasters also became crazy with the students instead of seriousness as usual. They acted in command for a while, then became a guest compere… The students wouldn’t let their drillmaster go at this moment. “Drill master, sing a song! Sing a song!” With that, the drillmaster showed off his skill and won a loud applause.

  Go by the reviewing stand

  With full spirit, orderly march, and confident smile on their faces, tens of S-bands went by the reviewing stand, shouting loud and clear slogans. The leaders and teachers of the college sent them an ardent look and they also received a burst of applause. A parent of a freshman from Jiangsu, seeing his child going by with orderly march from the platform, said happily, “I can set my heart at rest and go home tomorrow. It’s the first time our son leaves home, I wasn’t sure that he would change with college life. But from his performance today I know he progressed a lot. The drillmasters paid great effort and the children also did. I’m assured now!”

  Time to say goodbye

  Although the students often complained during the training, they didn’t like to say goodbye to each other when it was time to say goodbye to the military training and their beloved drillmasters. “I really don’癫痫病手术t want to go! We will truly start our college life tomorrow. That is a happy thing. I must take a photo with my drillmaster to remember the experience.” So the younger school-brothers and school-sisters began looking for the drillmasters.

  Military training is such an unforgettable experience; it’s a memory worthy of treasuring for ever.

  Going through the military training, we learned to be quiet, to think, to be calm and peaceful. We don’t want to dream of what will come tomorrow. The important thing is to live each day well. So I am looking for a new sun. I believe the future scenery must be beautiful.


















  This is the first time I of military training, military training makes me unforgettable.

  Remember that in the military, I think the military training is a not only bitter and boring. Can not think of is, the military is actually a very meaningful thing. It taught us no more knowledge, so I in military training to grow a lot of.

  On the morning of August 15th, we are exciting and the military training of curiosity and expectation arrived at Guan's training base. Here, we met with 7 days of our common military trainingChen Jiao tube.

  In these 7 days, we know what is to obey orders, obey the command, training hard, the difficulties, Challenges self and so on.

  Military training the first day we learn to pull junzi, before this, forno military training before me, that the pull army posture is a very simple thing, I think: "is not attention, affirmation is verysimple!" However, when I really feel the power of pulling the army posture, I could not help heart a shock.

  Pull the army posture must stand at attention, upright, eyesstraight ahead, and then the index finger thumb affixed to thesecond quarter, both hands must be tightly buckled on his trousers, to close in seams of a trouser leg, legs must bestraight, not curved trend.

  In fact, only these are nothing, it is important to keep thisposture standing for a long time, even if the itch what parts of the body or a worm like creatures fly also unable to movearound.

  Pull the army posture is really very exercise person, it taught uswhat is perseverance, what is insisted, but told us troops have iron discipline, not because of their actions and affect the overall.

  Here, I thought of those soldiers, they are the National Guard, it is a symbol of courage, selfless. How many holidays they had tosilently in the distant place to miss their loved ones, lonely in the night sky under the guard on duty. I can not help but have areverence for them.

  After army posture, we also study the start walking and goose step. Among them, what impressed me most is the goose step.When we marched in orderly pace, listen to the foot landing neat "flap" sound, I feel the collective unity. Because only unity canmake our hearts together, can we make so neat goose. When we goose stepping through the chairman's podium, I am really excited, but I also felt as the pride of专治癫痫疾病医院哪里好 the chinese.

  In addition, I also learned the female self-defense, through this study, I became a strong person from a delicate girlsmetamorphosis. When we shouted slogans to play beautifulpunch, really have the momentum, the momentum is enough to make everyone excited.

  Military life in addition to the training, and the time for eating and sleeping, no military training before people may laugh: "eat and sleep to say anything?" But I have to say, in daily life here had acompletely different. Listen to the command to get up every morning, never late. Calling number before dinner, night timelights etc.. Here, everything to the militarization of the management, not the slightest careless.

  Here, although conditions are difficult, but also taught us a lot: hardship on state is not to endure, but bitter as if it were malt sugar.

  Although the military training only 7 days, but the 7 day is enough to make us understand the essence of life. I'll neverforget me I learned that the first military training. I believe, in the future, I will cherish the resources, strict demands on themselves, and strive to be an outstanding high school students